This is where your Pomeranian will be raised
Our new baby room was just completed, we made sure that your puppy will grow up
in a happy, clean, hygienic environment! With lots of love and care.
It is well ventilated, isolated against cold and too warm conditions, and kept heated in winter to ensure that the mommies and babies are kept in 5 star facilities.
We take pride in our kennel and re-invest in our dogs.
We dedicate this page to my dad Chris Brown who has passed away on March 24, 2011, and who has gone to live eternally with his Heavenly Father.
Daddy you would have been proud of us if you could see the end result of our Baby room, but God delivered you from your pain and sickbed before we could complete the project, I am sure you are watching us from a distance!!!
This is mommy’s dream and vision came true!










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